Envest Microfinance Earns Green America’s Business Certification

Certification awarded to businesses with proven commitment to social and environmental impact.

Envest Microfinance is proud to announce it has earned Green America’s Green Business Certification and has been awarded the Green America Certified Business Seal. Green America, the nation’s leading organization dedicated to growing the green economy, awards its Green Business Certification to businesses committed to creating a more socially just and environmentally sustainable economy. With this certification, Envest will now be featured in the National Green Pages, the largest directory of values-driven businesses. 

Envest was founded on the belief that reducing poverty is central to achieving a socially just and environmentally sustainable world economy. Through the extraordinary work of our partners, we see the role microfinance plays in creating the economic opportunities necessary to bring about global financial justice. For that reason, Envest focuses on lending to some of the smallest microfinance institutions (MFIs) that, in turn, lend to traditionally marginalized borrowers. By connecting these MFIs to the broader capital markets, Envest can support the development of a more equitable microfinance sector and work toward our mission of making financial services universally available.

At Envest, we work hard to ensure we are always living up to our mission. To do this, we work closely with each of our partners to understand their unique situation and create a financing strategy to best suit their needs. These long-term relationships are vital not only to our continued success, but to ensuring every dollar placed in Envest generates the greatest level of impact possible.
We are proud to be working with Green America to advance our shared mission and hope being part of this community of progressive businesses and investors will allow us to connect with others who share our vision.

Please contact us if you would like to learn more about how Envest and its partners are creating a social and environmental impact around the world.