Annette joined Envest in July 2021 as the East African Representative. She has
realized in full the joy of working towards community development as she works with Envest.

Prior to joining Envest, she worked as a volunteer in Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA)
from 2016 for more than two years in order to participate in the infrastructural development
the communities in the country and then with Bridges to Prosperity as  Foreperson from 2018
until the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic where she participated building bridges which help
the communities have good access across impassible rivers.

Annette holds a Diploma in Building and Civil Engineering with Entrepreneurship and
Economics as unit courses from Uganda Technical College, First Aid Training from Uganda Red
Cross, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and a certificate in Career
Specialization from University of California, Irvine on Coursera.