Development Microfinance (DMF)


Partner since: 2021


DMF is a company limited by shares that provides credit and savings products on a group and individual basis. It was founded in 2004 in Eastern Uganda to improve the livelihoods of the “active poor” to increase their economic and social empowerment. DMF operated out of two branches until 2015. In 2015, DMF shareholders and directors interviewed clients to understand DMF’s impact and the degree of demand for DMF’s services better. After doing so, they decided to invest in scaling DMF’s reach and have added seven branches. Currently, DMF has nine branches distributed throughout Eastern, Central and Western Uganda. DMF has ambitious plans for further growth. Its experienced team and well-developed operations suggest that it is well poised to continue growing. DMF has served over 30,000 clients since inception and had a pre-pandemic goal of tripling its client base by 2025. The MFI has a particular focus on serving clients in rural areas and serving women. Its branches, or “banking halls,” are strategically located in town centers that can serve rural clients in an approximate 50-kilometer radius.


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