FLOW Uganda provides working capital float advances to thousands of mobile money merchants, allowing them to optimize their cash flows. By taking a float advance, mobile money merchants can service more transactions. Rather than charging interest on the float advance, FLOW charges a 20% profit share on the excess profits the mobile money merchant will make with the float advance. This ensures that the mobile money merchant retains 80% of the profits and can grow their business.

FLOW uses a unique tech + touch approach to reach its clients. Loan decisions are based on the Flow Liquidity Engine, a proprietary algorithm that analyzes at least six months of mobile money history of each applicant. However, unlike many digital-only lenders, loan decisions also contain human inputs from the Relationship Managers (think Loan Officers) assigned to each client. All clients are visited by a Relationship Manager before they can become borrowers of FLOW, and the Relationship Manager’s assessment factors into the initial loan decision. After taking an initial float advance, applying for future float advances can be done within minutes with funds disbursed right away. This means that the mobile money merchant can spend more time focusing on her business rather than applying for financing.